Book Preview: Until I Love Again by Jerry Eicher

In this excerpt from Until I Love Again (the second book in the St. Lawrence County Amish series by Jerry Eicher), Susanna Miller is on an outing with Englisha Joey Macalister, against the wishes (and knowledge) of her parents…

Enjoy the preview!

(P.S. Want a glimpse at the first book in the series, A Heart Once Broken? You can read an excerpt HERE!)


Joey smiled and took her hand. “Come,” he said. “Let’s walk by the river and find a nice spot to sit and eat away from the others.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Susanna said with a quick glance over her shoulder. Henry had backed off and joined the others. It was right that she should spend what could be the last evening of her rumspringa with Joey, Susanna told herself. She already knew the others disapproved, so what greater damage could she do?

The tinkle of the flowing water filled Susanna’s ears as they walked along the bank. Her hand grew warm in Joey’s tender grasp. She smiled up into his face and leaned against his shoulder. Was he more than a friend? Maybe he could be someday, if only their relationship would be allowed to continue and grow. But that could never be.

“How about here?” Joey asked. He didn’t wait for an answer before he lowered himself onto the grass.

Susanna smoothed her dress before she followed Joey’s example. A desire to pull off her shoes and run her feet through the spring grass came over her. But did she dare? Yah, she would. With a quick motion, Susanna set her sandwich on the bank and slipped off her shoes. The socks came next. Susanna didn’t look up at Joey as she moved her feet through the grass. When she dared glance at his face, his smile was all the answer she needed.

“We used to do that in the summertime when we were kids,” Joey said. “But we got away from the practice. Looks like you hung on.”

“It’s not something to let go of,” Susanna said. “That’s what our people believe.”

“For once I like an Amish custom.” Joey grinned. “Nice feet.”

Susanna reddened and tucked both of them under her dress. “You shouldn’t say things like that.”

“What? Complimenting your feet? Come on, Susanna. Is that so wrong?”

“I guess not,” Susanna managed. “Thanks for caring enough to find me tonight. I was hoping you would.”

“Well, we missed you at the house last weekend, so we were beginning to wonder. Is something going on I should know about?”

“I…” Susanna began but then stopped. “Let’s not talk about it, please. Let’s enjoy the evening and this moment.”

“Then there is something going on.” Joey studied her face. “Please tell me, Susanna. I would hate to think you won’t come by the house as often…or any more at all. Is it something we’ve said or done? Do your parents object? Would it help if I spoke to them?”

Susanna shook her head. That was the exact wrong approach. But how could she explain? Susanna began again. “I…really can’t tell you. Not now. Not at this moment.”

“Well then, will you promise me you won’t disappear without a trace?”

“You know where I live.” Susanna forced a laugh. “You can always stop by.” There, she had said the words despite her misgivings, but she simply couldn’t help herself. She didn’t want this to end. Not tonight. Not ever.


Excerpted from Until I Love Again by Jerry Eicher

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