Writing and Photography

Writing and Photography I love writing Amish fiction, and I adore visiting Amish communities to research the books I write. A Promise for Miriam takes place in SW Wisconsin–a beautiful part of our country. I have at least a hundred pictures … Continue reading

Free Recipe Friday – Dutch Potatoes

I found this recipe in Wonderful Good Cooking from Amish Country Kitchens edited by Johnny Shrock. It’s a good, basic staple dish at any dinner table. One thing I’ve learned from hanging out with my Amish friends is when they … Continue reading

It’s good to be home

I just returned from researching the Amish and Old Order Mennonite communities of Kentucky. Although I live within an hour of the largest population of Amish in the country, a writer truly needs to visit the area, since there are … Continue reading

Amish Dog Immigrates to America

I picked up an interesting Amish book the other day. It’s called Amish Roots, edited by John A. Hostetler. Mr. Hostetler has put together an impressive collection of writings on a variety of subjects, from Amish history to Amish legends … Continue reading