Wisconsin Amish

I am NEW to the AmishReader site, so I wanted to introduce myself. Hi. I’m Vannetta Chapman, new author for Harvest House, and I’m crazy excited to be here. I also wanted to tell you a little about the Amish … Continue reading

the Amish of Eureka, Montana

Well, I have been Amish sleuthing. I knew the Amish had spread out from traditional communities in Ohio and Indiana and Pennsylvania in search of cheaper land and more space and privacy. I am pretty sure they have spread out … Continue reading

Living Simply Tip

At every Amish gathering I’ve been to, there’s been a lot of visiting going on.  For the Amish, simple living involves spending time with their family and friends. Try visiting with a friend of family member without the distraction of … Continue reading

Free Recipe Friday – Barn-Raising Breakfast!

  This hearty Amish Barn-Raising Breakfast recipe is guaranteed to give you lots of energy to start the day. This homey, country-style breakfast bake might traditionally be made in a coal or wood burning stove, but it’ll bake up just … Continue reading