Angels Over Lancaster

The link below is from a reputable source in Lancaster Pa. Relates to a recent Amish automobile tragedy. Well written and a moving read. You might wish to return weekly for more of Mr. Wagler’s blog. Many of the topics … Continue reading

Baby & Family Fair in Amish Country

The 2009 Baby & Family Fair is coming to Ohio Amish Country. On Sat. April 25 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm the fair will be held at the Holmes County Expo Center, SR 39 in Walnut Creek, Ohio. A … Continue reading

It’s All Perspective

For more than thirty years I’ve lived about three miles from the closest Amish farm and five miles from the Lancaster County line. For a time I had a young woman help with the house (so I could write). Her … Continue reading

A Real Amish Problem

For those of you interested in a taste of Amish things, here’s a real life problem. It comes for the Amish publishing house (Pathway) which prints three monthly papers. Each month their flagship magazine, Family Life, chooses a life problem … Continue reading

A Finished Draft and a New Title

Happy news – I finished the draft for Plain Jayne!   The draft wrapped last Tuesday, after a marathon writing day that involved almost 3,000 words written in a single day.  Crazy! Next, I’ll be editing the manuscript.  I had a friend ask … Continue reading

Amish Research

I was up to Cattaraugus County, Western, upstate New York, for research the other weekend. Left Virginia on Friday morning early, got up there in time to find the library, county offices, still open. The town of Randolph looked like … Continue reading

Grandmother Stoll

I lost my last living Grandparent around Christmas 07. Drove up to Canada from Virginia to attend the funeral. She lived in Ontario, close to the lake, at an Amish community where the Pathway Papers are published. When I walked … Continue reading

Write What You Know?

The old adage “write what you know” has always bugged me. How much do most of us really “know”? In the past eight years, I have written about murder, the NSA, cryptology, espionage, money laundering, art theft, Napoleonic history, the … Continue reading