Baby rescued from runaway Amish buggy

Hello everyone, A story appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on 3-20-09, written by reporters Michael Sangiancomo and Donna J. Miller. I have included a link to the online archives if you’re interested in reading the entire story. To quote … Continue reading

What People Ask

Being a writer is an odd job, especially here in Eugene.  When people hear what I do, I get a lot of funny reactions.  “So is that what you, like, do?” And I’m one of lucky ones, because the answer … Continue reading

Hello, Gentle Readers…

Welcome to the “Hillary” section of!  You’re very sweet to be here, because you can’t buy any of my books right now.  In fact, my first release isn’t all written yet…I have 2559 worlds left.  Not a lot, but … Continue reading

Farmville Herald

Our local paper, The Farmville Herald, ran a nice human interest story on the Rebecca books yesterday. The focus was the girl who modeled for the cover. She attends the local university, Longwood, so makes for community news, I suppose. … Continue reading

A little more about Gayle…

Name:Gayle Roper Personal info: I live in southeast Pennsylvania, but I spend about a third of the year in Canada on a lake my husband’s family has been going to since he was a child. Author of: A Stranger’s Wish … Continue reading

An Interview with BJ Hoff

Rachel’s Secret is your first historical novel set in the Amish culture. Why did you choose Amish country as the setting for The Riverhaven Years series? I’ve always loved to work with contrasts in my fiction. The idea of two … Continue reading

An Interview with Jerry S. Eicher

Jerry, many of our readers may be unaware that you actually grew up in the Amish community. Which Amish Order did you belong to? How long were you a part of the Amish? Our senior bishop Wallace Byler steadfastly declared … Continue reading

An Interview with Mindy Starns Clark

Have you visited Lancaster County? Actually, I live near there, so it’s a familiar place and has always been one of our favorite mini-vacation spots. What drew you to the world of the Amish? Our two daughters were always fascinated … Continue reading

A little more about Mindy…

Personal info: I live near Valley Forge, PA, with my husband, two daughters, and one dog. Author of: Shadows of Lancaster County; Whispers of the Bayou; The House That Cleans Itself; Elementary, My Dear Watkins; Blind Dates Can Be Murder; The … Continue reading

A little more about Jerry…

Personal info: I live in Farmville, Virginia with my wife Tina, and our four children, all of whom are still at home. I run a construction business. Writing is still a side line. Even though our place doesn’t lend itself … Continue reading