Baby rescued from runaway Amish buggy

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A story appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on 3-20-09, written by reporters Michael Sangiancomo and Donna J. Miller. I have included a link to the online archives if you’re interested in reading the entire story.

To quote from the article, “Two Amish women found a guardian angel with a car Wednesday evening after their horse trotted off with a buggy in tow and a baby inside.”

To summarize: A student nurse was flagged down by two Amish women when their horse took off while parked in a driveway. The women had just stopped to visit when the horse decided it was time to leave. The frantic mother flagged down a car and the student nurse quickly caught up with the buggy. As they trailed behind the buggy, busily calling 911, the horse paused at a stop sign, waited for cars to pass, looked both ways and turned right when traffic was clear!

The baby’s mother wanted to jump from the vehicle to grab the horse’s reins, but the nurse wouldn’t let her. She passed the horse & buggy, then quickly slowed down. When the horse decided to go around the stopped car, one Amish woman jumped out and grabbed the reins while the frantic mom rescued her baby. Thanks be to God, the baby (and the horse) are safe! To read the whole story intact, please click on the link below. I learned that horses are a lot smarter than I give them credit for.

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  1. So glad the baby was safe!


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