Another lovely Romantic Times book review

This must be the week for good reviews for Harvest House authors at RT. Here’s what they said about An Amish Family Reunion: “A sweet contemporary romance with amazing characters who are beginning to figure out who they are and … Continue reading

RT Reviews Top Pick

The Wings of Morning has just received 4.5 stars from RT Reviews and has been named their Top Pick for February, 2012. Das ist gute, don’t you think? Here is part of the review from RT Times: ***Pura has created … Continue reading

My favorite Christmas memory

When I think back to the Christmases of my childhood, I always smile at one particular memory. Our family would gather at one of my aunt’s homes on Christmas Eve. We would enjoy a lavish potluck dinner with the host … Continue reading

Before Amish were Amish

One hundred years ago, at the beginning of the 20th century, there was very little to distinguish the Amish from everyone else. Horses, carts, mules, buggies, horse-drawn plows, wood stoves – all rural Americans had them. As for telephones, the … Continue reading

Publisher’s Weekly review

Here are some excerpts from a review in Publisher’s Weekly on one of my forthcoming books, The Wings of Morning, which is set in an Amish community during World War One. Wings is published by Harvest House in Eugene, Oregon … Continue reading

A new book…coming in February!

Hello, Amish Readers! Getting excited for Christmas? Are you ready for the next Mary Ellis book? Well here it is!  It would make a wonderful gift…for you, or a dear friend of yours. Titled An Amish Family Reunion, it tells … Continue reading

Amish generalities are hard to make

Another title for this posting could be “What I learned during my summer vacation.” Remember when we returned to school in September and had to explain what we learned during our vacation? While researching the Amish of Maine, preparing to … Continue reading