Backyard Livestock

When I think of the Amish and their animals, I’m liable to envision horses, cows, and chickens. But many of us don’t live on acreage, so keeping working animals–livstock–might seem problematic. However, that’s not really the case. All across America, … Continue reading

Gifts from Wisconsin

Wisconsin Gifts and A Promise for Miriam If you’ve noticed a snoopy-like figure dancing back and forth across the bottom of your screen, that would be me. I’m in a celebration mode. A Promise for Miriam has begun popping up … Continue reading

The Sugarcreek Budget

The last time I was in Sugarcreek, Ohio, I picked up a copy of The Budget, a weekly newspaper that is called the “communication network for the Amish-Mennonite Communities Throughout the Americas.” It’s a regular newspaper with articles of local … Continue reading


The Amish & American Civil War romance The Face of Heaven is on the shelves August 1st. But the big giveaway contest connected to the book starts NOW. Sponsored by Harvest House & the contest offers you an historic … Continue reading