Gifts from Wisconsin

Wisconsin Gifts and A Promise for Miriam

If you’ve noticed a snoopy-like figure dancing back and forth across the bottom of your screen, that would be me. I’m in a celebration mode. A Promise for Miriam has begun popping up on store shelves, readers have started emailing me with rave reviews, and pre-orders are shipping!

That’s a lot to celebrate.

I knew this day was coming. I even planned for it. When I visited Cashton, Wisconsin–the town where I set Pebble Creek and Miriam’s one Previewroom school house, I did a fair amount of shopping. I shopped at Kathy Kurderer’s stores. I shopped at many Amish homes with¬†handwritten signs near the road. And I shopped at markets, where Amish families sold their handmade goods.

I feel blessed that I’m able to visit the places I write about, and I count it a priviledge to share a little bit of those places with you.

So now’s the time! Time to celebrate. Time to give gifts. Every Wednesday from now through mid July, I’ll have a blog give away of some of the things I purchased in Wisconsin (all Amish made) as well as copies of A Promise for Miriam. Don’t let that stop you from ordering a copy of the book! You can be reading, while you’re waiting to win …

If you do win, you’ll have 2 copies, and then it will be your turn to give a gift to someone you care about.



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4 Responses to “Gifts from Wisconsin”

  1. I love to read the Amish books and learn about their lives This one sounds really good would love to win a copy Thanks for the opportunity


  2. I am reading A Promise for Miriam right now. It was a gift at the end of the school year from one of the students on my school bus. What a great gift! The mother of the child knows my daughter and asked her what I like.


  3. Vanetta, first of all I love reading your books! We had a home in Marion, Ky. as well as Irving, Texas and we became good friends with several amish families that live in Crittenden County. Your books help me stay in touch with them. Secondly, please tell your mother hello for me. We miss her at our Monday night dominoe games. Remmel, Rufus and Wanda Morrow still join us at Oakview! Hope all is well with her.


    vannetta Reply:

    Rebecca, it’s great to hear from you! And I will pass along your message to mother. She’s enjoying small town life.


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