Free Recipe Friday

Now here’s a recipe you don’t see every day. It’s a dinner casserole, taken from Wonderful Good Cooking, from Amish Country Kitchens, copyright 1974 by Amish Country Publishers of Holmes County in Berlin, Ohio. The author, Johnny Schrock, was a … Continue reading

“Hiding in Plain Sight” by Amy Wallace

Releasing on April 1st!! World weary and down to a threadbare faith, police officer Ashley Walters seeks refuge in Montezuma, Georgia, a quiet town with a thriving Mennonite community. Yet even in the peaceful surroundings, she can’t escape the haunting … Continue reading

Something lemony to welcome Spring

Spring is here, readers of Amish fiction, although I don’t believe any of us had much of a winter. When the weather turns warmer, my tastes run to lemons–lemonade, lemon poppyseed muffins, and lemon cake. Here’s a recipe invented by … Continue reading

Free Recipe Friday! Amish Buttermilk Pie

1 unbaked pie shell 2 cups of sugar 1/4 cup of flour 1 stick of butter or margarine melted 3 eggs, beaten 1 cup buttermilk 1 tsp vanilla Mix sugar and flour together.  Add melted butter, blending well.  Add the … Continue reading

Name the Cow Contest!

Lori Copeland and I are so excited about our new book, The Heart’s Frontier. It’s a rolicking old west story set on a cattle drive in 1881 Kansas. It’s got a handsome cowboy, a sweet and stubborn Amish girl, and … Continue reading

The Importance of Eating

I have a friend who was raised Amish. He was baptized in his late teens, but then ended up leaving the church in his early 20’s, and was shunned. Though he knew the consequences full well, it was still a … Continue reading

Is There a Future for the Amish?

If you watched the show on the Amish on PBS last week you will know the greatest challenge facing followers of The Amish Way is the fact that half of their members – so over 100,000 people – have outside … Continue reading