Another lovely Romantic Times book review

This must be the week for good reviews for Harvest House authors at RT. Here’s what they said about An Amish Family Reunion: “A sweet contemporary romance with amazing characters who are beginning to figure out who they are and what they want out of life. The Amish are interesting to read about, as they live their lives according to the Bible, simpler and free of distractions. The details of Amish living reflect Ellis’ meticulous research.”
4-stars-RT BookReviews. Thanks, Rt, and congratulations, Murray, on the February top pick for The Wings of Morning! Also, fans of Amish fiction, please check out my new website It was a labor of love!

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  1. Hi Mary. Congratulations on the super review for “An Amish Family Reunion”. I can’t wait to read it. Keep writing! Love your books!



  2. I have read ” An Amish Family Reunion” and it is fabulous, I think Mary will definitely get awards for this one. I myself could not put it down until the last page and then I didn’t want it to end I even said to my husband I don’t want this book over I want it to go on at lest 100 pages or more, I would say this is a must read, just fantastic


  3. A great review, Mary, congratulations. Also congrats on your new website. May 2012 be a year of great writing for you. In Christ Jesus, your friend & colleague, Murray


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