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Welcome to the “Hillary” section of AmishReader.com!  You’re very sweet to be here, because you can’t buy any of my books right now.  In fact, my first release isn’t all written yet…I have 2559 worlds left.  Not a lot, but enough, especially since the end of the book is kinda the crucial part, I’m trying not to screw it up.   I’m kind of working on it right now – I tend to multi-task while writing.

I can tell you a bit about it, though.  Jayne Tate is the fearless main character, a motorcycle-riding reporter who’s running as fast as she can from her past.  She has a good life in Portland, Oregon – a job at the paper, great friends, and a nice boyfriend.  What she wants most is a chance to go to Florida for the story of the year, but her boss gives the job to a coworker.  Jayne goes a little nutters, and uses her vacation time to go to an Amish community outside of Albany.  Sure she’ll find a story there, she interviews the owner of an Amish carpentry shop, Levi Burkholder.  Levi helps Jayne find a family to stay with while working on the story. 

2,485 words to go.

Anyway, all sorts of things happen on the Amish farm, and Jayne starts to think Levi’s an upright fellow, but you can only run so far from your past until it starts to catch up with you.

2,445 words to go.

(to put that in perspective, 2,445 words is a nice-sized chapter, at least it is for me)

Well, the hubby is hungry, so I’m going to sign off for now so I can finish this chapter and eat some real food (we haven’t eaten that well lately on account of me being busy finishing the book, but I’m feeling generous).  Tune in next time for some of the questions I’m asked most often….

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