Plain Jayne and Booksigning to Come

It’s finally out!  After months of writing, editing, planning and paperwork, Plain Jayne has finally begun to hit the shelves.

I say “begun,” because different stores stock at different times.  It first showed up New Year’s Day at Wal-Mart; Borders says they’ll stock Friday (which is funny because most bookstores stock Tuesdays, but whatever.  I’m just the writer.)

It’s been fun hearing from people who have read the book.  So far, everyone’s enjoyed it, and anyone who hasn’t isn’t talking :-)  But Publishers Weekly,  Booklist, and At Home with Christian Fiction have had kind things to say.

If you’re anywhere near the Portland area, mark your calendar for February 14th!  I’ll be at the Cedar Hills Crossing Powell’s at 2pm, signing books and chatting with readers.  Come join the party!

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  1. I have to say I enjoyed your Amish book more than some, and I am a very hard critic of them, thinking still that most of them are frustrating and irritating, yet for some reason, despite that, I still subject myself to reading them. However, your book was enjoyable and filled with only minor frustrations. = )
    One thing though that really, really bothered me was the fact in the book that Amish school children are not schooled well, and one of the reasons given was that their textbooks were outdated. Their textbooks may be outdated, but any of the Amish people that I know who came out of those 8th grade classrooms, still after several years have gone on to graduate with not only no problems, no extra schooling, but often with perfect scores and honors. Their schooling most of the time, far exceeds our “general education” with all our fancy schoolbooks, computers and information.


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