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I am NEW to the AmishReader site, so I wanted to introduce myself. Hi. I’m Vannetta Chapman, new author for Harvest House, and I’m crazy excited to be here.

I also wanted to tell you a little about the Amish community in Wisconsin, the setting for my new book, A Promise for Miriam.

When I visited Wisconsin last summer, I was in for a big surprise. I thought the Amish community might be friendly (they always have been–wherever I go), but I didn’t realize they’d be so DIFFERENT. Wisconsin is different though. The hills are bigger, the woods thicker, and the towns farther apart. I visited in June, but I can imagine what the winters are likeĀ  — super cold! Ice fishing is a sport in parts of Wisconsin.

I’m fairly well acquainted with the Amish in Indiana, and even Ohio and Pennsylvania. The Amish community in Cashton is quite a bit more conservative though. It’s not exactly Old-order, as you might have read about,

but they do still cling to the old ways. For example, there were no gas stoves or refrigerators in their kitchens. I was certainly surprised when they explained to me how they chop ice out of the river in the winter, and that ice keeps their food cold all year long. Some of the districts also still use outhouses for bathrooms in their homes.

But the people? Well the Amish people I found to be very much the same as elsewhere–gentle, peaceful, and friendly. They still invited me into their home, spoke with me freely, and made me feel very welcome.

Wisconsin Amish. In a word–lovely. I’m thankful for my new friends and the stories I have to share with you. I hope you’ll stop by my webpage and my blog. I’ll be having give-aways from June 15-July 15th as A Promise for Miriam releases. Yeah, I did some shopping while I was in Wisconsin.




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  1. I am looking forward to the release of A Promise for Miriam! Being from the sweltering South, I have never quite understood how ice can last all summer! We can barely get it to last long enough to drink a glass of iced tea! I hav just dsicovered there is an Amish community in Tennessee, about 4 hours from my home near Atlanta, GA. I plan to visit there as soon as I am able! Thank you so much for your books. I have enjoyed every one. May God Bless You!


  2. I can’t wait for A PROMISE FOR MIRIAM, it seems like I’ve been saying that for along time. It can get really cold here in Wisconsin. I have found where ever you go the Amish are friendly. I was just up in Dalton, Wisconsin on Saturday. They have a very nice little community, all they need is a resturant. Do you have a title yet for book #2?? Thank you Vannetta for your wonderful stories. Hope you will give some thought to doing another Mystery series. God Bless Kathleen.


  3. Barbara, I’m so glad you’re looking forward to the release of MIRIAM, and I do know what you mean about that glas of “iced” tea. I learned a little about the blocks of ice, and we’ll talk about that … : )

    Kathleen, I love Dalton! As far as book 2, the tentative title is A Home for Lydia. : )


  4. Hi Vannetta — I just finished A Simple Amish Christmas, & really enjoyed it – I’m looking forward to reading more of you books ! Keep up the good work !!


  5. Thank you, Faye. I just finished writing the sequel to that book–The Christmas Quilt, which will be out October 2013. In the meantime, I do believe you’ll love A Promise for Miriam. I fell in love with the Amish folk I met in Wisconsin, and the countryside there is fascinating.


  6. Barbara I just finished A Promise for Miriam and I so that you have a book started for A Home for Lydia. When will that book be available? I read A Promise for Miriam and felt like I knew the people. We live within a few miles of a good sized Amish community in Coloma WI. We have many friends there…we are in Central WI and if you come this way I hope you stop at the Sunrise Store and Greenhouse and the Bent n Dent store. We also have a candy shop in Richford and many beautiful woodworkers and we usually have the greatest auction the week after Memorial Day….lots of fun. Also we have a bookstore in Wisconsin Rapids called the Lighthouse books and they carry the largest selection of Amish books I have ever seen and they do book signings if you are interested. Happy writing……


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