Free Recipe Friday – Dutch Potatoes

I found this recipe in Wonderful Good Cooking from Amish Country Kitchens edited by Johnny Shrock. It’s a good, basic staple dish at any dinner table. One thing I’ve learned from hanging out with my Amish friends is when they say “add a few slices of cheese,” they don’t mean the Kraft individually wrapped kind. Amish in Holmes County, Ohio put a lot of effort into their cheeses, and they’re some of the best in the world in my opinion. In this case the cheese really does make the difference. The type of cheese selected gives the dish a character and flavor all its own. Trying different cheeses makes this a fun kitchen experiment every time.

Note the lack of measurements. That’s the sign of a truly good cook. They measure by sight and taste. For those of us trying to follow along, the lack of measurements presents a challenge. But hey! That’s what experimenting in the kitchen is all about, right?

Dutch Potatoes

Cook potatoes with the jackets and then slice thin by hand. Put butter or oleo (1/2 stick) in the skillet. Melt. Add potatoes and sprinkle with flour, and then add milk, enough to thicken. Fry slowly so milk doesn’t scorch. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Add a few slices of cheese about the last 4 to 5 minutes to melt over the potatoes. Turn very carefully. Serve at once.

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