Recipes for a Three-Course Autumn Meal

Happy autumn, Amish readers! Last year, we invited you to Host a Harvest Get-Together using three recipes (Quick Garlic Cheese Breadsticks, Potato Chip Chicken Casserole, and Graham Cracker Fluff). This year, we’re sharing three recipes again—but this time, they’re all from the “fall” section of From the Farmhouse Kitchen, a new seasons-themed cookbook by Dawn Stoltzfus and Carol Falb! Our readers on Facebook helped us narrow down the choices. Now we present a three-course autumn meal for you to make and enjoy…

The Main Course



The Side Dish



The Dessert



* * *

If you’d like to try more fall-themed recipes (or other seasonal delights), don’t forget to check out From the Farmhouse Kitchen. Happy cooking and baking!


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