Amish Bean Soup Recipe + Bonus Cornbread Recipe!

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas in July or looking for some delicious dishes to try out when autumn arrives, Georgia Varozza has some hearty options for you in 99 Favorite Amish Soups and Stews! To give you a taste of what’s in store, we asked our Facebook fans to vote for a recipe they’d want to try from the cookbook:

  1. Amish Bean Soup
  2. Creamy Broccoli and Carrot Soup
  3. Cabbage and Apple Soup

The winner is…Amish Bean Soup!

You’ll find the Amish bean soup recipe below, as well as on our Facebook page and Pinterest recipes board.

Bonus! Make this a full meal and try out the cornbread recipe from the cookbook.

If you want to try even more soups and stews, you can pick up a copy of 99 Favorite Amish Soups and Stews today!

Cornbread - 99 Favorite Amish Soups and Stews - edited

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