Recipe: Turkey Supreme

On Monday our Facebook fans were asked to vote for the recipe they’d prefer out of three options. Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, the options this month are centered on what you can do with your turkey leftovers:

  1. Turkey Supreme
  2. Leftover Turkey Croquettes
  3. Chicken Party Buns (substituting leftover turkey)

And the winner is…Turkey Supreme! That name does have a certain ring to it, wouldn’t you agree?

Here is the turkey supreme recipe, taken from The Homestyle Amish Kitchen Cookbook by Georgia Varozza:

Turkey Supreme - Homestyle Amish Kitchen Cookbook

You can find the other two recipes in the same cookbook, which is currently only $1.99 in ebook format.

So after you’ve feasted on Thursday, enjoy trying something new with those leftovers! Have a simply wonderful Thanksgiving, Amish readers.


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2 Responses to “Recipe: Turkey Supreme”

  1. It’s always nice to have another recipe to try with your left over Turkey. One can never have enough recipes for that. This recipe sounds good. I also think ill try a new recipe I have for Turkey pot pie.


    Amber Stokes Reply:

    It’s always nice to have options, isn’t it? And it’s great to have some ideas for making the most of all those Thanksgiving leftovers!

    Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Shirley. And mmm…hope you enjoyed that turkey pot pie! :)


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