Booksigning in Ohio’s Amish Country

Hello fans of Amish fiction,

Jerry Eicher and I just got back from Ohio’s beautiful Amish Country where we signed books at Holmes County’s largest ever book event. The Gospel Book Store located in the German Village of Berlin, Ohio hosted twenty different authors (many of the Menonnite and Amish faiths). Books ranged from a how-to guide for new brides, to cookbooks, travel guides, photography, devotionals and local history could be purchased. Jerry signed his latest release, A Wedding Quilt for Ella, while I signed copies of Sarah’s Christmas Miracle. A great time was had by one and all. Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving. Mary Ellis

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  1. I live in wayne county ohio, I live around amish families and would really like to know more about their ways of life, compared to ours, how they differented


    Mary Reply:

    Hi Penny, thanks for dropping by Amish Reader! Sorry for the delay in responding to comments–I had a week’s worth of computer glitches. So good to be back…
    If you live in Wayne County, you’ll like my next series, “The Wayne County, Ohio” series. The first book will be released in late March, and it’s called Abigail’s New Hope. I’m down in your neck of the woods often, regularly visiting the Wooster, Shreve and Apple Creek areas doing research…and enjoying your gorgeous countryside. You are a lucky woman! thanks for your comments.


  2. want to enter free give away


    Elizabeth Reply:

    Hi Penny! To enter the giveaway, just click on the homepage where it says “enter now,” and it will open an entry form that you can fill out. Or, follow this link. to go directly from here to the form. Thanks for entering!


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