Book Preview: My Life as an Amish Wife

My Life as an Amish WifeMy Life as an Amish Wife is a diary by Lena Yoder, Amish born and raised. She shares anecdotes and thoughts from a seven-year period in her life. Each year of the diary is divided into the four seasons—and this excerpt comes from Fall of Year 1. It’s a fun look at a special outing Lena and her family took that year… Enjoy!

* * *

Today we were off on an adventure. We all went to the Shipshewana Flea Market. There weren’t as many people on the grounds as there are sometimes, so it wasn’t too bad with the children in tow. I learned a valuable lesson, and it still grinds me to a T. The first row we went down included a stand with good bedsheets for $20. I thought it was a good price, and I’ve needed a set for quite some time already. I always thought the good sets at Walmart were too expensive, and that next time they might be on sale. Now here they were for $20. The guy said he was the only one here selling these… blah, blah, blah. So I bought a set. Well, we hadn’t gone too far when we came upon another stand with the exact same sheet sets for $14.95! We probably saw six to eight different places that were selling them for $14.95. I know I could have taken mine back and gotten one elsewhere, but I decided I’d just take this as a lesson. The next time I’ll go several aisles before jumping for a deal.

I see all types of people at the flea market. Pale, dark, big, small, happy, unhappy. I always feel very conscious about being courteous, cheerful, and friendly. I try to let my light shine. A lot of people there know little of us [the Amish], and I wish to convey a Christian attitude.

We got our winter supply of booties for the girls and Jesse to wear in the house this winter when the snow flies. We also bought watermelons and peaches—some of our favorite fruit. Our watermelons in the garden aren’t ripe yet.

I treated the children to pizza, which we all greatly enjoyed. We crossed the road to Spector’s Dry Goods to buy a bonnet for Colleen. It was deemed very necessary as she says she’s been wearing the same one since second grade. She’s ready for the eighth grade now! We got our money’s worth out of that one. It was a black outer bonnet that she wore to and from school. It’s actually still in good shape, and I’m sure one of the other girls will wear it now.

After coming home, Colleen and I did the laundry. It looked like rain, and it did sprinkle for a while. We could easily use a good soaker, so I wouldn’t have complained had our laundry gotten wet.

* * *

Excerpted from My Life as an Amish Wife by Lena Yoder

You can order the book now on the Harvest House website or from your favorite book retailer!

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