Book Preview: Made with Love by Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore

Made with LoveJust in case you need some extra incentive to pick up a copy of Made with Love (or to enter the #ShareAServing giveaway for a chance to win two copies!), here’s a sneak preview from the novel. Meet Lovina and Noah, standing on the threshold of the home where Noah lives with three Amish teens under his supervision…


Outside, the air was already heating up. She thought about inviting Noah to her parents’ house, but she didn’t want her parents to overhear. And she wanted to think through her plans before sharing them.

But from the attention she and Noah were still getting from the teens, they’d never be able to talk freely here either.

Noah must have read her thoughts. “How about we meet at Big Olaf’s to talk? A warm day like this is always a good day for ice cream.

“I love Big Olaf’s.” The words came out too hurried, and heat rose to Lovina’s cheeks. “I have a few things to do around home yet.” She didn’t really have much to do, but she needed some space to regroup and clear her head. Noah’s gaze had a way of pulling her in.

“In an hour then? I have to get these guys working on a deconstruction project.” His eyebrows lifted in hopeful anticipation, and warm eyes peered down on her. A moan sounded from the guys behind him at the mention of work, but that only caused Noah’s smile to brighten even more.

His face was tan and handsome. His eyes were a light bluish green, like the color of the ocean at dawn. He smiled, and she quickly looked away. He no doubt was used to getting attention from Amish women—Englischers too.

“Yes, that will work. See you then.”

Lovina hurried down the sidewalk and hurriedly walked down the road to her house. She crossed her arms over her chest, chiding herself for just lying to Noah. Why had she told him she had something to do at home? It was the way he looked at her, for starters. It was almost as if he could peer into her soul. And that smile. She blew out a big breath just thinking about it. Surely someone like Noah Yoder already had a girl he was courting.

“Lovina!” He called her name, and she turned. Instead of standing in the doorway Noah was walking toward her, pushing her bike. “You forgot something!”

She placed a hand on her cheeks, knowing for certain she’d lost her mind. She turned completely around and then watched in surprise as Noah jumped onto her bike and pedaled toward her.

The sight of the tall, muscular man riding the light blue bicycle with the white basket in front tickled her funny bone. Laughter poured from her lips, and Noah sat straighter, taking on a serious look, as if he was offended by her laughter.

He pulled up beside her and climbed off. He nodded toward the seat. “There, I warmed it up for you.”

“Oh my heavens, I would have given anything for a photographer to have snapped a shot of that. It would have made the cover of an Amish calendar for certain.”

“Anything to see you smile again.”


Excerpted from Made with Love by Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore

You can order the book now on the Harvest House website or your favorite book retailer!

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