Book Preview: A Blessing for Miriam by Jerry Eicher

A Blessing for MiriamLess than a month to go until the official release of A Blessing for Miriam, Book 2 in Jerry Eicher’s new “Land of Promise” series!

Join Miriam and Wayne in Aunt Fannie and Uncle William’s kitchen in this exclusive sneak preview…


Miriam listened as Wayne told the story at the kitchen table with great expression. “We were in the barn that evening for our chores, and Joy had this bunch of little kittens who were just beginning to stagger about. They’d already learned that we give them fresh milk during chore time, so they’re out waiting with their mother for their treat. Of course, they can’t sit still—and even more so with the sleepy spring flies buzzing around. At first they only snapped at them, but soon they got to swatting with their little paws, followed by tumbles over each other. Esther and Joy couldn’t stop giggling, and I had to join in myself. It was that funny.”

Miriam looked away from Wayne’s face as the story continued on. Wayne was here for lunch, and somehow the subject of kittens had come up. Wayne had jumped in with this story, but at the mention of Esther’s name, Miriam flinched. At least Esther had only been on the sidelines. Miriam tried to put the image of Esther and Wayne laughing over kittens out of her mind. There was no reason she should be jealous. She had vowed she wouldn’t be.

“They are the cutest things, I must admit,” Wayne concluded. There were chuckles all around the table. Even Uncle William seemed to have enjoyed the tale.

Moments later a knock came from the front door and silence fell in the kitchen, except for Uncle William. He started to get up, muttering, “I wonder who that is in the middle of the day?”

Aunt Fannie motioned for him to sit. “I’ll get the door.” She rose and disappeared into the living room.

Whoever had arrived couldn’t be a big deal. Not much happened in Oklahoma on Saturdays. Everyone moved slower as they got their work done and prepared for Sunday services. Today, even the Englisha had slowed down, as business in the nursery had been light all morning. Miriam had helped out a few hours and then returned to the house to work in the kitchen. The row of pecan pies on the counter was a testament to her morning’s labor. They looked delicious, but she hadn’t dared taste one. She noticed Wayne’s gaze drift toward the waiting pies too.

“I hope they’re gut.” Miriam wrinkled up her nose. “I had to rush.”

“I know they’ll be gut!” Uncle William declared without hesitation.

“You can be sure of that,” Wayne echoed William’s sentiment.

Miriam stared at the line of pies. “Looks can be deceiving, you know.”

“They weren’t with you,” Wayne teased.

Miriam gave Wayne a grateful smile. She’d written Mamm this week about the proposed wedding in October. She was sure Mamm wouldn’t turn her down, so the matter was settled. She was Wayne’s promised one, and she would soon be a married woman. She took a deep breath and thought of Wayne’s kiss the other Friday night. Wayne wasn’t plentiful with his kisses, but he would be once they were married. She was sure of that.

Wayne nudged Miriam under the table. “What are you thinking?”

Heat rushed into Miriam’s face.

Thankfully Aunt Fannie saved the moment when she reappeared at the kitchen doorway. “It’s for you, Miriam, and it sounds serious. You’re to call home at once.


Excerpted from A Blessing for Miriam by Jerry Eicher

You can order the book now on the Harvest House website. (And don’t forget to pick up Book 1, Miriam’s Secret, if you have yet to begin this series full of twists and turns!)


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  1. will there be a follow on to blessing for miriam?


    Amber Stokes Reply:

    Hi, Cindy! Yes, there will be one more book in the series: Miriam and the Stranger, which releases this October from Harvest House Publishers. :) Happy reading!


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