Grateful for Amish Fiction

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If you’ve found your way to the AmishReader community, chances are you’re glad and grateful for Amish fiction. (What’s not to love, right?) So let’s take a moment during this month of Thanksgiving to contemplate the things we enjoy about those Amish stories…

  • They whisk us away to a quieter place, where people still live off the land and generously look out for the welfare of others in their community.
  • They include interesting conflicts, where the characters have to make life-changing and wide-reaching decisions.
  • They share sweet romances that we can enjoy without fear of content that goes “too far” for our comfort level.
  • They give us a better understanding and more empathy for a different culture.
  • They feature themes of family, forgiveness, and love.
  • They remind us that despite differences among people the world over, we’re all human—all valuable, all experiencing a wide variety of emotions, all in need of grace.

What would you add to the list? Let’s talk about why we’re grateful for Amish fiction!


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2 Responses to “Grateful for Amish Fiction”

  1. They stay the same and don’t change with the passing of time. They don’t worry about fashion and have a simple wardrobe.
    They set a good example to all of us about how to live simply and work hard to provide for themselves.
    I love Amish fiction because it helps me to understand the plain people better. Their values and beliefs. Plus Amish fiction is very interesting to read.


    Amber Stokes Reply:

    Those are wonderful reasons to appreciate the Amish lifestyle and enjoy Amish fiction. There’s definitely a strong appeal with the “timelessness” of their culture. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Shirley!


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