Proverbs – Lead Me Not Into Temptation

Continuing my discussion of the proverbs and sayings Amish parents use to raise their children, I’d like to share one I ran across during my research for The Heart’s Frontier (Co-authored with Lori Copeland, and available NOW!) In the course … Continue reading

Fish?!? But I don’t LIKE fish…

Georgia here (author of The Homestyle Amish Kitchen Cookbook). I’m slowly but surely moving into the twenty-first century. First it was an iPhone; then I started posting to Facebook; and just this weekend I bumbled my way through setting up … Continue reading

“The Wings of Morning” GIVEAWAY

With the launch of Murray Pura’s “The Wings of Morning,” let’s give some copies away today!  To enter once, LIKE us on our facebook page.  To enter twice, have a friend of yours LIKE us (they will be entered to … Continue reading

When does a daughter become an adult?

I love to delve into the many themes that arise from a complex mother/daughter relationship. In An Amish Family Reunion I deal with the evolving power struggle beteen Julia (the mom) and her adult daughter, Emma. We met Emma in … Continue reading