Those Other Characters

Amish Fiction and Those Other Characters

When I read a book, I become caught up in the lives of the characters. It Short Story, ebookseems as if I AM the main character. I feel her feelings, think her thoughts and struggle against her problems. When I reach the end of the book, I want my character to be in a happy place. Maybe everything isn’t perfect in her life, but I want it to be headed in that direction.

And sometimes I wonder about the minor characters. I want a little more. I’m not ready to leave that place that the author has taken me. With Amish fiction, this seems to happen to an even greater degree. Amish life is based on simplicity, faith and community. I want to know what’s happened to the folks in my book’s community.

Maybe I’m the only one who does this. :)

As a writer, I want to tell my readers more about those “other” characters, but alas … we’re limited by the number of words and the length of pages.

Maybe we’re not so limited though. Harvest House recently allowed me to write a short story based on my characters in Pebble Creek. Which one to pick? Ach! I wanted to pick them all. But this was to be a short story, so I had to choose one.

I chose Esther. She is the teacher who works in the schoolhouse with Miriam in book 1 of this series, A Promise for Miriam. Esther is a good friend to Miriam, very much like a sister. I wanted to revisit Esther’s life and share a little more. I wanted to back up a little, and tell you about her life before Gabe and Grace moved to Pebble Creek.

Home to Pebble Creek is that story, and it’s for free on Amazon, CBD, and will soon appear on B&N as well. If you don’t have an e-reader device, you can download this to your computer from Amazon and read it there. I hope you’ll leave a review at the site you purchase from, and I do hope that you’ll share this FREE short story with a friend. It’s a great way to introduce Amish fiction to other readers.

This short, twenty page story takes us back  to the banks of Pebble Creek. For me, it was a real pleasure to visit once again with the Amish community there.




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  1. I just love reading the books they are clean.a ndinclludes scripturewhich isgood ialso lovethe characters


  2. Justreading this.I. cants. Buy. So have to wait. For. Free. Books. Thanks for these free. Ones. I. Jamaica.


  3. Thanks. Again


  4. Maybe the publisher will allow Home to Pebble Creek to be a “bonus book” in another printed book.
    Sorry to be a “Debbie Downer” but I don’t like the e-books. Give me paper and ink any/every day.
    I take books to my grandkids’ houses while I’m supervising (we’re too old for baby sitters Grammie), take ’em to the doctors’ offices, take ’em on vacation…. For got a character’s place? I can put a marker where I am and leaf back, flipping pages several times and easily resume where I was; much more cumbersome to me in an e-book. I can make a list of characters on the inside back cover and so on. Thanks for sharing your God given talents with us.


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