Where Amish women go to give birth

Misinformation abounds regarding where Old Order Amish women can give birth. In Holmes and Wayne Counties in Ohio, where most of my stories are set, Amish women decide for themselves where to deliver their babies. Some choose the local hospital and will be attended by physicians and nurses. (Always recommended wherever a difficult delivery is anticipated) Some women choose to have their children at home, attended by an Amish midwife. Many women select one of the modern birthing centers springing up in areas of high Amish population. At these birthing centers, expectant moms are attended by licensed midwives/registered nurses (usually either English or Mennonite) and Amish midwives working together. These are family-friendly establishments in terms of husbands and older children. Women paid a flat fee, usually stay three days, and can opt for the underwater birthing tub. I will post some photos of the Birthing Center near Baltic, Ohio—an impressive, state-of-the-art facility. In An Amish Family Reunion, my fictional mom-to-be, Leah, chooses this center where she can relax and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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