Where I create my stories

As a writer of Amish books, I’m often asked where I go to create my fictional tales. My answer? Just about anywhere. I’ve been known to take either my yellow legal tablet with a couple pens or my laptop to the local park, to the nearest coffee shop, to the local Subway restaurant (I’m hooked on Meatball Marinaras!), down to Amish country to write in parking lots of auctions or flea markets, or to my favorite B&B. But my favorite place is home-sweet-home. I often sit by my barn completely removed from human contact and write while bees, hummingbirds and pesky mosquitos buzz my head. In summer, when the bugs grow annoying, I write on my deck in this screenhouse my husband puts up for me every year. It’s perfect. I’m outside but semi-protected. Where is my least favorite place to write? That would be my office! Because then it only feels like work, and I like to trick myself into thinking that writing stories about these lovely people is always easy!

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