In Praise of the Slower Pace

The Amish say that riding in a horse and buggy gives them a place for quiet and reflection, maintains the slower pace of their lives, and allows them more time to look around and notice the beauty of their surroundings. That probably doesn’t hold true during a rainy rush hour on the main streets of Holmes or Lancaster Counties, but at other times and on less traveled roads, the slow pace of a buggy ride undoubtedly allows them to take in the sunshine, flowers, and rolling-hill vistas of farm after beautiful Amish farm.

We non-Amish probably won’t be converting our garages into stables anytime soon, but we would do well to remember that our own forms of slower transportation, such as walking and biking, carry more benefits than merely providing good exercise. Leaving the car at home also allows us to slow the pace, pause and reflect, and enjoy nature, which is good for both the mind and the soul. Regardless of the mode of transportation we choose–foot or bike or scooter or golf cart or horse and buggy–the important thing is to take a cue from the Amish and travel without our cars whenever we can.

(Thanks to Mindy Starns Clark and A Pocket Guide to Amish Life for this reminder!)

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