Do pastors ever doubt their decisions?

One of the subplots of my latest release, A Marriage for Meghan, deals with an Old Order bishop who fears he might have made a bad decision. Amish clergymen will consult their two ministers and one deacon regarding the enforcement of district rules, while any major change to the Ordnung would be brought before the entire district for discussion and subsequent vote. However, everyday matters are usually left up to them. Do they ever question their judgments? I don’t know for certain, but I would imagine so. Although well-read in Scripture, they are human. They must send up their concerns in prayer and then listen for God’s guidance through intuition. In my story, Gideon Yost doubts his ability to lead when he places his desire to help his daughter ahead of the district’s best interests. Each week in church, I sit in awe of my own pastor’s wisdom and humble grace. I hope that should he ever stumble, our congregation will respond in the same fashion as my fictional district—with loving compassion and forgiveness.

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