A Baby for Hannah

“A Baby for Hannah”, the last book in the “Hannah’s Heart” series, (the book that almost was not), hangs in there at the #6 spot on Christianbook.com’s “Amish Fiction page. It is an honor indeed. http://www.amazon.com/Baby-Hannah-Hannahs-Heart/dp/0736943366/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1308950632&sr=8-13

Please note that the original titles for this series were released as “Hannah’s Dream” and “Hannah”. Harvest House has now brought the whole series together in an improved version as “A Dream for Hannah” – “A Hope for Hannah” – and the all new “A Baby for Hannah”.

A reviewer of, “A Hope for Hannah”, wrote, “Although I’m not Amish in reality, I feel Amish at heart. I am a Christian and worship our Lord and Savior and have spent the last ten years longing for the Amish simplicity in life. My wife and I are both reading “A Hope for Hannah” by Jerry Eicher and have fallen so deep into the story that it almost feels like Hannah and Jake are real and in our lives. We are happy when Hannah is happy and pleased, and sometimes feel like crying when Hannah is hurt. The saddest page of the book is the last page because we know that we will be losing our friends that we have grown to love. Most interestingly though is that we were considering relocating to Whitefish, Montana prior to ever reading this book. Now we wonder if this book is God’s way of telling us that there are true and wonderful people in that area awaiting to be our friends. We now wish we could make the move and find the real Hannah and Jake just down the road waiting to sell us a new table and chairs and become our friends.”

Another reviewer wrote, “This story is so good, like real life. If you can trust God, everything will work out for the best. Thanks so much for putting your heart into the story. I want to read the other two books about Hannah. Please keep up the good work.” Sandy in TN.

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