Greetings from Amish Country

LaRae Weikert, vice president of editorial at Harvest House Publishers, is visiting author Gayle Roper (A Rose Revealed) in Pennsylvania Amish country today. She sent us this fun photo of a genuine Amish buggy!

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2 Responses to “Greetings from Amish Country”

  1. Thank you for the picture! I loved “A Rose Revealed”. Have a great weekend.


  2. I had a wonderful time talking with LaRae and Terry Glaspey, another HH editor. We breakfasted in the very non-Amish Cracker Barrel outside Lancaster, PA. Then we drove for a short time through the villages of Bird in Hand (the setting for my Amish Farm trilogy) and Intercourse. LaRae’s buggy picture is the kind of thing we who live here are fortunate enough see all the time.


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