Another Great Amish Novel Coming from Jerry Eicher

AmishReaders, Jerry Eicher has another great read coming this September, Ella Finds Love Again. This tender love story concludes the Little Valley series, which also includes A Wedding Quilt for Ella and Ella’s Wish. Enjoy the book trailer!

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4 Responses to “Another Great Amish Novel Coming from Jerry Eicher”

  1. Haven’t read many of his books, but will start – they sound awesome and I would love to win one!


  2. Ella’s Wish is a fantastic book I really enjoyed it, I did get my copy from the Library so if I could win a copy that would be wonderful I can hardly wait for the next book, Ella’s is just so fantastic is this book I love the Amish faith, they are wonderful people it must be fantastic to have a close Amish friend.
    Jerry I hope you just keep writing so we can enjoy your novels ,


    Kim Haines Reply:

    Lois have u read his other books? A dream for Hannah and A hope for Hannah. Right now I’m reading the first book and I love it just like his last two I read about Ella. I cannot wait for book 3 to come out I just wished it was sooner then later and I bet u feel the same way.


  3. I just have to say I read both A Wedding Quilt For Ella and Ell’s Wish, I must say Wow I cannot wait for book 3 where Ella find’s love again, for now I’m sittind on pins and needle to get my hands on the book. I plain on handing them down to my 8 year old to read. I do however have your other books that I’m reading now A dream for Hannah and A hope for Hannah witch I enjoy very much as well. Looking forward to reading more if your books.


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