Fun Amish Fact – Ice Houses

Some Amish families still make use of ice houses to see them through the hot summer months. In winter, families will cut blocks of ice and store them, coveredwith sawdust, in well-insulated ice houses. They place the ice in the top compartments of their refrigerators; as the ice slowly melts, the cold water streams down the back into a catch basin and the air inside is kept cool.

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  1. I never ceased to be amazed by the Amish people and their skills. I am totally in awe of the fact that they continue to exist in such a way that seems to be non-existant in today’s society. I just love to read about their lefe skills and their ways of living.


  2. I enjoy reading the books on the amish life. I truly sometimes wish we were like that because their community seems to be close and tight nit, unlike families in the world/society, they have lost the real meaning of family, respect, forgiveness, love,. When I read the books it takes me to a world I think, at times, is far better than what I’m living in and putting up with.


  3. I remember those days. running to get ice to put in the ice box to keep things cold. Also kerosene lanterns to read by. I loved those days when I was growing up in Maine. Great memories . I remember it being so cold that the water bucket leaked and the water froze on the kitchen shelf and we had icicles hanging down the side board.


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