Photos! Mary Ellis at LifeWay Book Signing

Just wanted to share these fun photos of our wonderful author Mary Ellis doing a book signing for National Fiction Day at LifeWay Christian store in Toledo, Ohio. Enjoy!

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  1. Just finished reading two of your books. Absolutely LOVED them!!


  2. I love to read books about the Amish people
    They are so careing for each other and makes you wish you knew them all.
    Some of my childhood was like theirs.
    Learning to garden-cooking-canninf food for winter
    Milking cows- putting up hay – working in the corn
    field with Dad and growing cain for molasses and etc. \
    I knew some Minenites in Fla. They ran a child care
    center and Cathie and Sherry stayed there when I
    worked. Wonderful Christians people.


  3. Thanks for sharing! Great shots!


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