Tailgater– Amish Style

Well, fall means football season, and  I was just thinking, What better football spread than this wonderful Amish Haystack Dinner? This recipe comes from Mary Ellis. I thought it would be perfect for game day, whether you plan to watch football or cozy up with your newest Amish novel and leave the game-watching to the guys.

Amish Haystack Dinner

This is often used by Old Order Amish for fundraising events or other community suppers, and is served “salad bar” style. A guest donates whatever they can afford per plate at the end of the line. You start at the beginning of the line and build your “haystack” with the items you enjoy, in the quantities you can handle.

From bottom to top:

1. crushed Ritz crackers

2. sloppy-joe seasoned meat

3. shredded cheese

4. chopped onions

5. diced tomatoes

6. chopped peppers

7. shredded lettuce

8. peas

9. your choice: melted cheese sauce OR sweet & sour salad dressing

10. optional: Doritos chips either for scooping or crushed for topping

11. optional: sour cream

This dinner is usually served with dinner rolls/butter and with ice cream topped with chocolate syrup for dessert.

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  1. This recipe sounds fun…would be nice for a teen party. I’m looking for a tried & true Shoo-fly Pie Recipe. Can anyone help?>


  2. We sure can, Bonnie! I just posted a recipe here: http://www.amishreader.com/2010/10/12/you-asked-we-answered-shoo-fly-pie/


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