Old Fashioned Family 4th

Those of you living near Ohio Amish Country are in for a treat! The town of Millersburg is hosting a 4th of July celebration that cannot be beat. There’ll be an Abe Lincoln speech on the courthouse steps at noon, followed by a veteran’s ceremony, bike & stroller parade, watermelon seed spitting contest, pie eating contest, Jello-O flinging contest, auction, raffle, and of course…fireworks at dark. Music you say? plenty including Blue Grass, country, light rock, and patriotic. Has all this activity made you hungry? There’ll be a chicken BBQ, apple dumplings, kettle corn, ice cream, plus plenty of restaurants. And for the children there’ll be a sketch artist, magician, clown ball toss and more. Don’t forget your lawn chairs and come to Millersburg, Ohio to show your patriotic pride on the 4th of July!

And be sure to check out the photos of sheep (my personal favorite animal) that I took during my recent trip to Holmes County, Ohio. These critters just loved the camera. The lambs were especially playful and photogenic. (as all babies are!)

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  1. I want be celebrating the 4th, not because I don’t believe in it but with just my husband and I we do the least we can and we are both getting up in years. Our children will do their own thing with their own families.


  2. Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun! If I still lived in Ohio, I’d be there!


  3. I’ve just finished A Widow’s Hope, it was a great book. When is the second book coming out?


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